Fr Rory Writes

Fr Rory Writes:         

Once again the Feast of Christ the King.  When I came as a priest to Arundel & Brighton, Youth Gather was beginning and was a major event for our Diocese.  In my first parishes there was a strong attempt, but not always successful to support this event.  After a time I noticed most of the effort and arrangements happened through our schools. This may be understandable in a way of being effective.  In recent years I have lost touch because there is not a response through the parishes, so it is difficult to give it a high priority.

This Sunday parish celebrations will reflect the great importance of this Feast of Christ the King.  We are hoping to have a very good celebration beginning in the church at St Wilfrid’s, becoming much more conscious of a time 2030, when priests will be in short supply.  So our emphasis will be how to celebrate our lives of faith, as we wait with hope to celebrate with joy when Jesus will return in great glory.  This will be followed by refreshments in our church hall.  Please give this the best support you can, so that it will develop and grow through the years.

A priest friend of mine brought to my attention that “www” was a great gift given by Jesus to us 2000 years ago - water, word and worship.  So our first focus will be on the water and the graces of our baptismal promises.  The Word  of God brings to us the truth given to us by God, and the Worship -  the power of God alive in us, overcoming the Kingdom of Evil and preparing us for Christ coming again in great glory.