Online Liturgy

Every week Jackie and other members of our Parish write the Prayers of the Faithful and Newsletter, which is now available for you to read and download. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to attend masses together as a Parish, however, if you wish to still partake in a weekly Mass; Pope Francis records daily Masses live from Rome which are available for us to view as well as other Parishes in East Sussex. To find out more click on the button below to see what Online Liturgy is available to you.

“I am very conscious of the importance of our churches for all of us.  They are places where we celebrate the Sacrifice of the Mass, the Sacraments and hear the Word of God proclaimed and explained.  They are places of prayer, reflection, rest and peace.  They are places where we gather as communities, offering a welcome to so many.

It goes without saying that it is very difficult for us not to be able to join in the celebration of the Eucharist.  The fact that Masses are being celebrated day by day in all our churches – albeit behind locked doors – will, I know, be a comfort to us all.  The Mass reaches beyond those closed doors, for the whole world, together with the angels and saints, is present whenever the Eucharist is celebrated.
Join in these celebrations through live-streaming whenever you can.  The churches providing this service are listed on the Diocesan Website and information is also available on e-news.  If you are not signed up to our Diocesan e-news, please do so now. “

Bishop Richard

Online masses and recordings

Watch online masses from surrounding churches and live from Rome where Pope Francis records daily Masses, Angelus and messages.


Each week our amazing Jackie continues to upload our Parish newsletter. Click on the button below to view the page where you can download and read about any events, news and dates for your diary in our weekly Newsletters.

Bidding Prayers and Prayers during a time of flu and illness

Though we are not able to attend any masses due to the Coronavirus, Bidding Prayers are being created each week by our Parishioners which you can view and download. During our last Mass we had together at Church we prayed together for those who are ill and the emergency services; though we are not able to pray together, please do feel free to say these prayers at home. Click on the button below to view the Prayers of the Faithful.