Children’s Liturgy


Welcome to the Children’s Liturgy, in this section we will introduce you to each of our Catechists and show you the wonderful creations that our children have made during their lessons. As a parish we take pride in helping our children to learn about their faith and gain the skills they will need as they grow.

Whether you are based around Polegate or Hailsham together are two liturgy groups collaborate to create fun educational lessons that are enjoyable for all involved. We cater for children of all ages to ensure they get the most out of the lessons.

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Online Lessons

The buttons below take you to three websites used by children’s liturgies that explain the Gospel of the week to the children in a way that they can understand. Here they explain using nowadays examples and give fun activities for the children to do.

My Thoughtful Prayer

Dear God, I know that You give me many gifts,
The gift of Your Son and the Holy Spirit. At Mass we are called to be like Jesus, by loving
and serving one another in the world.


Please continue to help me.  At this confusing and difficult time in the World, Show me the places and ways that I can bring your love, kindness, and peace to others….
     in my family,
     in my neighborhood,
     in my community,
     with my friends.

Help me to put my trust and love in you. Know that I am thinking of you and continuing to learn about you in preparation for my special day.

New Life

Photos of our activities