Our Parish

In the early 21st century two churches became one, combining our communities under one inspiring priest – Fr Rory.

Saint Wilfrid

St Wilfrid was an English Bishop born in Northumberland. He entered religious life as a teenager and studied at Lindisfarne, at Canterbury, in Gaul, and at Rome.

St Wilfrid’s church opened in May 1955 with a clergy of up to 130 people but due to the rising number of parishioners, the church was not large enough for our parish and so in 2015 a larger church was built between the old church building for our parish. We now have approximately 200+ members each week.

St George

St George is the patron saint of England. Saint George’s feast day is celebrated on April 23.

St George’s Church has experienced five changes to the composition of its parish. It was initially a chapel of ease within Eastbourne parish, but in 1958 it became a separate district within Eastbourne with its own priest and two years later became independent of Eastbourne when the new parish of Polegate with Hampden Park was created. Five years later Polegate was separated from Hampden Park, but the two parishes merged again before another change in the early 21st century created the joint parish of Hailsham and Polegate.

Children’s Carol Service and Christmas Party