Fr Rory Writes

Fr Rory Writes:         

Getting away for a break this week, thanks be to God.  At the same time life goes on.  The life of the church is the life of Christ.  Much of the human life of Jesus was ordinary everyday life.  It was trial-some and burdensome for Him, reflected in his statement “Foxes have holes and birds of the air their nests, but the Son of man has nowhere to lay His head”.  Deacon John and Dawn gave us a lot to reflect upon in their homilies, as we journey through Lent.  Dawn’s focus was the example of Jesus as where to pray; a quiet peaceful place, and how to pray.  The mountain has often been seen as the meeting place with God.   Deacon John brings our attention to the Sunday Reading of Scripture.  He highlights “Today’s reading invites us to cooperate with the grace of God, not acting alone but helped by the Holy Spirit, to change our lives and renew them during Lent.  This will assist us to spread the good news of the Transfigured Lord around us, by the example of our lives filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit”.