Synod 2023 – Encouraging Participation

SYNOD 2023 – Encouraging Participation 

The Synod, initiated by Pope Francis, is a process in which the Church encourages its people (you) to listen and learn and a vessel by which we can communicate to the Pope what WE believe is needed for OUR future Church.  This is an extremely important step and you, the parishioners of St Wilfrid and St George, are invited to take time to be part of it.

Our Bishop has been asked by the Pope to listen to your ideas, to plant dreams, draw forth prophecies and visions, bind up wounds, awaken a dawn of hope, learn from one another and create a bright resourcefulness that will warm hearts and give strength to our hands.

Our Pope wants our Parish to listen and learn from everyone within it, young people who might have ideas on what the Church should do in the future, people who think that the Church ignores them, and from everyone on their faith journey.

YOU are invited to Speak Out

The Pope would like us to reflect on the following issues, and let him know our thoughts:-

Week 1 –  Our Companions on the journey. Communion.  Please see handout provided at Mass this week.

Week 2 – Listening – Participation, handout available from Sunday 23rd January

Week 3 – Speaking out, Mission, handout available from Sunday 30th January

Each week for the next three weeks so it is important we consider these issues, and respond as soon as possible for the Bishop.

Individual or Group responses can be handed in via the box at the back of Church – marked Synod.  Or you could attend one of the meetings detailed below, if you prefer.

Further information:

www.abdiocese/ – this includes the 24 page document prepared by the Diocese and an online easy to use survey where private responses can be provided.  Even if you do this survey though, which we wholly encourage, please also take time to respond to the Parish survey.

Synod 2023 Week 1 –  Our Companions on the journey. Communion. 

All Parishioners are invited to consider this week’s theme together at either or both of the following meetings.

Wednesday 19th January after 10am Mass – St Wilfrid’s Hall

Saturday 22nd January 10am – St George’s Hall