Mothers' Prayers


Mothers' Prayers of the Solace Community was started in England in 1995 and has spread rapidly throughout the world. It has the approval, support and blessing of Christian leaders of all denominations. It is now a registered charity.

It was started by two grandmothers who felt led by the Lord to pray in a special way for children.  They felt that they should bring all the pain and worries one has for children, to Him, trusting in His words "ask and you will receive".  Through this promise they understood that the Lord will bless, love and heal all children when they go to him in faith.

We need to come together in this way, to pray to the Lord Jesus and to praise him, to glory in his loving care, whilst at the same time, encouraging our children to stay involved with their faith. We must ensure they do not miss the call to participate in the Eucharist. Where Jesus is waiting to feed them the holy and precious Bread and Wine for their journey to eternal life. "Suffer little children to come into me".

We urge you to accept the invitation to join Mothers' Prayers with a view to becoming involved in small prayer groups which can lead the way to a renewed and stronger church. There will be more information at the back of St George's Church. Please contact Cathy Hollingdale, 487 688 who is coordinating Mothers’ Prayers for our churches.

Cathy Hollingdale and Margaret Piegrome