Fr Rory Writes

Fr Rory Writes:         

This week brings us to the beginning of Lent.  Many years ago, my parish priest at the time, Mgr Canon Tim Rice V.G, opened many eyes to see that Lent means Spring, a time of new life growth, fresh possibilities.  I was very blessed at that time because our seminary had embraced the teaching of the 2nd Vatican Council with a sense of hope and purpose, with emphasis upon it being a great movement of the Holy Spirit in our time.  A focus was upon the event of the Old Testament, when God said to His people through Moses “Let my people go”.  Now He is saying through the church “Let my people grow”.

Recently, Bishop Richard challenged us to think what the life in our churches will bring in 2030.  At the first report back at our deanery, Bishop Richard made it clear that he was there to listen.  Two priests made clear coherent  statements:  Canon Paul Jennings began by saying this conversation could have taken place fifty years ago and outlined three important points with the clear call for dialogue.  Fr Christopher Benyon referred to re-reading a work that was very popular after the council, with its focus upon God’s chosen people, as being God’s frozen people, and the call of the Holy Spirit was a challenge to grow with a fresh emphasis on the importance of the role to be played by the laity.  It is always a work in progress, but as my ministry draws to a close, it is a great sacrifice to me that it was a lost opportunity as the catechism states “faith is a supernatural gift”, and God’s love always sustains us.  As a gift that is really given, it follows the natural order of things.  We have to be responsible for the ability that is given.  If we can say we have no ability, we can say thanks be to God, but if we have abilities, lets try to be responsible for them.   To be cont.……..