Fr Rory Writes

Fr Rory Writes:         

This Sunday we will have a collection for Pax Christi

The work of Pax Christi is based on the gospel and inspired by faith.  Our vision is of a world where people can live in peace, without fear of violence in all it’s forms.

Rooted in Catholic Christianity, we work with all who share our values to abolish war and create communities of peace and justice.  If you would like further information or to donate online:

We received reflection 2018 from the Catholic Bible School in our Diocese with something very important to say:

Dear Friend and Supporter of the Catholic Bible School. 

2017 has been a good year thanks to your prayers and support.  With our most exciting development being, launching our new initiative - Bible Weekends for Parishes.  To those dioceses we have already contacted there has been a good response and we have had two fantastic Bible Weekends so far in Bognor Regis and in Maidenhead.  The response has been great and you can read more about the Bible Weekends in our annual Reflection Magazine.

Our ministry has continued at Celebrate Conferences around the country, in schools, in parishes and across South Wales and in Chichester with our Scripture Saturdays.  This year in Chichester we ran two Films and Faith Scripture Saturdays where we watched 12 Angry Men and The Shack.  They were really stimulating days reflecting on the relationship of the scriptures to culture and exploring how God can speak to us through the medium of film.  To be continued……..