Fr Rory Writes

Fr Rory Writes:         

The Feast of Christ the King

When God’s glory is revealed then our joy will be full.  This is the reality, the fullness of life that we can look forward to.  When this is to be our destination, then it must be given all our care, love and attention that it calls for.  Frequently I acknowledge before God that “The angels cry Holy” because they have reached their destination.  This is real.

Equally real is where we are now on this pilgrimage of life.  Often a long way from home.  This constantly features human experience, very much reflected by the media, as they seek out the sensational and often the darker events of life.  We all have difficult experiences which cause us anxiety and negativity that can cripple a lot of our human experience.  When it is our sense of compassion that causes this, then we can draw hope from Jesus as He is revealed to us in the gospel.  He shared fully in our afflictions and suffering, and now looks forward to sharing His life with us in our Father’s house in heaven.

As we celebrate the Great Feast of Christ our King, we recall all our celebrations through the year.  We can deepen our faith and trust, that our Lord does hear our prayer, knows our deepest needs and supports us when we are close to losing heart.   Particularly when family or friends are in great need or danger.  Lord increase our faith and trust, above all look after those who are dear to us, and provide food for us as we continue on our journey of life.