Fr Rory Writes

Fr Rory Writes:

Next Sunday we will have the opening and the blessing of the new Garden of Remembrance at St Wilfrid’s.  During all his work for our new parish project, Brian Winter donated a large sum of money for us to prepare this Garden of Remembrance.  It now serves as a worthy shrine for this purpose as we remember many persons, who over the years laid the foundations and prepared the way for our future.  Bishop Richard acknowledged this in his report on “future plans for the Diocese in 2030”.  As mutual supportive relations between our parish communities in not just beneficial, it is a requirement for a future.

I have always stated that following the Feast Days of All Saints and Holy Souls; the greatest Feast of all is Christ the King.  In this we give all our attention to what will be the greatest event of all, when Christ will return in Glory.  Between now and then it is very appropriate that we recall as many persons and events from the life of the parish in the past.

Since I came to this parish, we celebrated important anniversaries in the life of our community.  One of the first was at St George’s when Bishop Kieran came to celebrate its anniversary.  Who was it that put in a great lot of work, who helped in the early stages of developing our website and put together a history of St George’s and the new notice board at the church?