Fr Rory Writes

Fr Rory Writes:

Following on from last week’s mention of St George’s Open Parish Meeting held in July, I would like to share the following notes and thoughts:-

Reaching Out - the New Generation - suggestions for renewal/adaptability

Hailsham and Polegate communities need to work more closely together.  (The Children’s Liturgy Party did not attract any members of St Wilfrid’s Church, although notices to encourage their attendance were included in the newsletter).

Encourage the laity to take a more prominent place in the church.

Encourage more interaction and exchange of information between groups.

There is a need to publicise more - for example, banners displayed outside the churches, which quote changes and events taking place.

Wider distribution of Easter and Christmas Cards - giving dates and times of Masses.  Letterbox distribution to be considered. Volunteers would be needed for this.

More activities with Churches Together - greater involvement with the Walk of Witness, perhaps to extend that to embrace St George’s Church.  Could we do breakfast?

By example and enthusiasm, we should be more welcoming, getting “out of our comfort zone” - Thinking “outside the box”.  More joint services - not Masses - to encourage more people to come to our church.  (e.g. St George’s Day, Week of Prayer, Songs of Praise, Lights of Love etc).

Giving open invitations to those who have stopped attending Mass, for whatever reason.

A greater awareness of the world outside and getting more involved with other communities.

Appealing to younger people - developing a more modern approach to worship.

During the meeting, we were asked what the church means to us. The following is one response which  beautifully and clearly  expresses the value of the church:- “The church means so much to us.  It deepens our faith and our relationship with others.  Church is where I find myself a refuge from uncertainty, from problems both spiritual and physical.  Without the church I am lost, I need a place to be with God and meditate on life”.