Deacon John Writes

Deacon John Writes:

Following on from last week about the various life choices available to us the first one is that of the single life. The state of being   single is what we’re all born into. For some people, the single state is their lifelong and stable response to the call of Christ. Many men and women choose to remain single in order to make themselves available for prayer and apostolic work of the Church.

The next is that of living a consecrated life.  Consecrated life is the Church’s way of referring to the wide range of opportunities for individuals to dedicate themselves to a life of prayer and service, often as sisters, nuns, brothers and monks.

The third choice is marriage: Jesus calls many women and men to the vocation of marriage and being parents. Married couples   promise to serve each other with love and to serve the whole Church. They enter into a life-long covenant of love. When marriage is between a Christian man and woman, it is sacramental in nature, and the natural vocation to marriage becomes something much deeper – a joyful call to follow Christ and a total giving of one’s life in love to a spouse and children.