Deacon John Writes

Deacon John writes:

This week’s Fruit of the Holy Spirit is GENTLENESS. Who is the most gentle person you know? Yes we all have different temperaments and personalities. We may be a naturally upbeat person, or we may be easily angered. We may be depressed or just laid back. How do you find your particular temperament affects how you show gentleness? Ask God to release this fruit within and through you as you remember the unique person he made you to be. If you read 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12 this week you will discover a model of the gentleness God wishes us to show.

Paul starts by telling us some of the wrong ways to share Christ with others. He had pure motives for sharing Christ with the Thessalonians. Think for a while of the ways in which we can share not only the Gospel but also share our lives with those around us. Are you prepared to give up the time and energy this requires and also to accept any vulnerability that may result from doing this? As you read this chapter you should see that Paul was like a mother to the Thessalonians as well as he was also like a father to them. The short passage ends with urging, encouraging and pleading with us to live lives worthy of God who is always calling us into his own kingdom and glory.

Let us think this week of some practical ways in which we can encourage, comfort and urge people to live lives worthy of God. Think of the people you know who really need your time, energy and yes, your vulnerability. Consider how you can express your particular style of gentleness to them.  Ask God to help you do this.