Deacon John Writes

Deacon John writes:

This week’s Fruit of the Holy Spirit is JOY. I ask you to read Luke 24:33-53. (If anyone has any problem in accessing the reading, please let me know after Mass or tel 01323486280 and leave a message and I will print a few.)

Think of your wildest most improbable dream, the one thing in life you would rather see happen than anything else. How would you feel if your dream were to come true?

The Holy Spirit brings joy to all Christians. He fills hearts with praise and thanks to God. How joyful have you been over the last week? Joy brings light and freshness to us so perhaps spend some time this week thinking how you can experience this refreshing fruit of the Spirit more fully. The Bible extract from Luke is about the joy the disciples felt when their eyes were opened on the road to Emmaus. Try to picture in your mind what happens when the two disciples tell the others what they have seen. What would your thoughts have been if you had been there? Do you ever find it hard for you to believe Jesus is real? Is Christian joy different from the happiness we get from the special events that occur in our lives? We should all realise that the Holy Spirit really has taken up residence, full time, within us which makes us as intimately connected to Jesus as branches are to a tree. God really has “breathed” His Spirit into us so that we may live in His life and love. At the Chrism Mass in Holy Week the Bishop breathes God’s Spirit into the Oil used for anointing after baptism and for Holy Orders. It is made of olive oil and is scented with a sweet perfume, usually balsam. Yes - God really has ignited the “fire” of His Spirit, through the Sacrament of Baptism, within our hearts and minds that we may seek God in everything we do.