St Wilfrid's Children's Liturgy

For our younger congregation, we encourage the children to be involved in our children’s liturgy during the mass. We have a very diverse community at St Wilfrid's with many nationalities: Polish, Romanian, Indian, African,Filipino… No matter what school they go to or what age they are, everyone is made welcome and new friendships are made with the children and their families as a whole.

We have a brand new church, designed to be child friendly and have good all round vision for the mass. One of the younger members of our congregation has said, and I quote: "the new church feels like someone is giving you a big hug".

Children of all ages are welcome, as well as any parents. For those of the older children who have done their First Holy Communion and would like to take part in the mass, there are opportunities to help Fr Rory on the altar, by becoming altar servers. It does not matter if you are a boy or girl, 7 years old or above, everyone is welcome.

If you have any queries please contact Annette Wake, or if you would like to become involved in teaching and guiding the children in their faith - help is always appreciated.

Recent Events:

There will be a Family Mass on the 24th September to celebrate harvest, please give generously by donating items on the list from the Porch and place the items in the box under the table.  All proceeds will be donated to CAFOD and Hailsham Foodbank.

When you walk into a grocery store or supermarket you see an abundance of colour, there are so many vegetables and fruit to choose from.  There are yellow banana, red tomatoes, green peppers.... A whole rainbow of colours, and so our theme for this years Harvest will be "Brighten Up", we will show a range of fruit and vegetables, brightening up the church and putting a smile on the faces of the parishioners.

First Holy Communion 2018 at St Wilfrid’s: 

Any candidates wishing to take their First Holy Communion in 2018, there will be a meeting on Tuesday 3rd October at 5.30pm in St Wilfrid's Hall.




Family Mass & Social Gatherings