St Wilfrid's Children's Liturgy

For our younger congregation, we encourage the children to be involved in our children’s liturgy during the mass. We have a very diverse community at St Wilfrid's with many nationalities: Polish, Romanian, Indian, African,Filipino… No matter what school they go to or what age they are, everyone is made welcome and new friendships are made with the children and their families as a whole.

We have a brand new church, designed to be child friendly and have good all round vision for the mass. One of the younger members of our congregation has said, and I quote: "the new church feels like someone is giving you a big hug".

Children of all ages are welcome, as well as any parents. For those of the older children who have done their First Holy Communion and would like to take part in the mass, there are opportunities to help Fr Rory on the altar, by becoming altar servers. It does not matter if you are a boy or girl, 7 years old or above, everyone is welcome.

If you have any queries please contact Annette Wake, or if you would like to become involved in teaching and guiding the children in their faith - help is always appreciated.

Recent Events:

During Lent the children's Liturgy group will be preparing themselves for Easter. Each week we will be focusing on the Gospel and displaying our ideas and activities on one of the six windows in the church.

Week 1:

The first week of Lent is about 'Temptation' and God keeping his promises to us. Here we learnt about God's rainbow promise and how instead of sending a flood to rid the world of sin and start anew, he chose to send his only son to die on the cross and rise again on the third day, that he would love and forgive us no matter what we do.



Week 2:

The second week of Lent is about the 'Transfiguration', today we listened to the Gospel to hear how Jesus and his disciples went up the mountain and at the top, a voice came from the heavens proclaiming Jesus as God's son. From this we can use the words 'LISTEN' and 'SILENT',  as we have a moment of silence to focus on Jesus and what is important in our lives instead of on focusing on what we need to do after church like the shopping or what show is on tonight. The bells at mass also remind us of this each week, so that when we hear the bells we know that this is an important moment and we need to focus on whats happening as we see the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ.



Week 3:

During the third week of Lent we focused on the first reading which told us about the 10 commandments, 10 rules in how we should live our lives to become like Jesus. Though there are 10 commandments not say 150, these are still difficult to remember without a little bit of help. So through the use of dance and hand signals we created easy ways to remember the 10 commandments.

One finger = One God; Two fingers = no other God but me; Three fingers = put over your mouth so no bad words come out; Four fingers = Your four fingers are working but your thumb is resting; Five fingers = You salute your parents because you must obey them; Six fingers = one finger pointing to the middle of your other hand, where Jesus was hurt when he was put on the cross, for 'do not hurt others'; seven fingers = two fingers walking side by side across your other hand; eight fingers = four fingers on each hand cover your eyes to look like a jail; nine fingers = the tenth finger is standing away from the others because he lied to them; ten fingers = gather all the items to you when you steal.