Church Build Update

Prayers of the Faithful from the opening Mass of our New Church

Father, this evening we unite our prayers with the Saints in heaven whose journey of faith has come to fruition, that they may always be our guiding stars.

We pray for Pope Francis and all the leaders of the church…

We remember the words of Jesus at the last supper, when He prayed so earnestly to the Father, "That they may be one, Father, as I am in you and you are in me", as a sign of the desire by the church, to be one now under the guidance of Francis, may they choose a single shared date all over the world to celebrate Christmas and Easter.
Lord, hear us…

For regions of conflict and for refugees all over the world…

The figure on our new cross at St Wilfrids, is carved out of olive wood from the Holy land, We pray especially for the Palestinian people and all others whose lands have experienced so much conflict. We pray also for the Jewish people and the peoples of Islam, that the word of God that they have received, will
bear fruit in their lives, bringing harmony and peace.
Lord, hear us…

We pray for our communities, privileged to be ambassadors for Christ, may our love and respect for one another be apparent to all.
Lord, Hear us…

We pray for the future of our church, for great fruits, from the outcome of the Synod of Bishops may this coming generation, blessed in their tolerance and respect for people, especially those who have been discriminated against, that the family environment may be focused on our catholic Christian faith, freed
from prejudice and sins of the past.
Lord hear us…

We pray for the souls of all our faithful departed, and on this day we especially remember our benefactors…
Eternal life grant unto them O Lord, may they rest in peace.

This day, with gratitude for our new church, as we honour Mary our mother, we know that she accompanies us in all our prayers and intercessions for the coming of Gods Kingdom…

Hail Mary, Full of grace… 

Children’s Liturgy at the opening Mass of our New Church

This is a prayful poem from St. Wilfrid's Youth,
About a very special building, now there's a truth.

For many years, it has been but a dream,
But the people of the parish prayed to God, the supreme.

God didn't make it easy, the parish worked with all its might,
But things are never worth it, without a really good fight.

Through many years and as many plans, a, b and up to c,
The parishioners never gave up hope, they knew it was meant to be.

It started with Father Tony, a rather grand affair,
The sketch's looked impressive, futuristic with lots of flair.

But alas, the idea and the cost was too great,
More money was needed, so the parish had to wait.

Several years later, Hailsham changed its parish priest.
Father Rory was amazing, his enthusiasm never ceased.

Numerous meetings and plans, carried on throughout the years.
Until one day, they found it, one that worked without the fears.

So many people helped with the project, but Bill stood out in front,
He was always everywhere and at hand, taking the main brunt.

But all this work was worth it, now we are all gathered here today,
Everyone must agree, it is the most awe inspiring place to pray.

So for all those people who cared and were involved in any way,
And huge heart felt thank you, from St Wilfrid's youth oftoday. 


A selection of photo's taken from last weekend's first Masses.



Some additions to our new church, all Station's and Statue's transferred.

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A few pictures showing progress of our New Church

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