Fr Rory Writes

Fr Rory Writes:

Real blessings.  Following my surprise Birthday bash at St Wilfrid’s, and it was a great surprise, we also had a really lovely occasion at Polegate, as we walked over the Downs, conditions and scenery, just perfect.  Followed by a picnic on the green at Alfriston, that was more like a feast.  I am truly grateful, Joan Covey expressed it spot on in the newsletter last week, “perhaps he will appreciate that he is loved and appreciated by all of us”.

I hear what is said, and I do say to myself, “it is time for you to grow up and listen to what you say yourself”.  But I also realize what some could honestly say, as I do myself, “I am a waste of space”, when it comes down to different things.  So I am very grateful that these things are overlooked and I promise “to grow up”, but don’t expect things too quickly!

Two very important occasions are on the horizon.  On Friday 19th October,  from 7pm to 9pm, Bishop Richard is at Our Lady of Ransom in Eastbourne, to present his outline plan for our future, “The Word Who is Life”.  This is very important, so a large attendance from us, especially younger generation is so important.  On Sunday 11th November, Remembrance Sunday, we will have the opening and blessing of our Garden of Remembrance at St Wilfrid’s.